About This Group

If you are dealing with grief caused by the death of a child (stillborn birth, miscarriage, or sudden infant death syndrome [SIDS]), we are so very sorry for this devastating loss and are grieving with you. This group is designed to help parents cope with the emptiness they are left with and memorialize your child’s life in a special way.  

Science shows that we are physiologically programmed to connect with our baby as early as from the moment a woman finds out she is pregnant, beginning the emotional relationship between mother and child. As for the men, they feel that initial connection when they are able to feel the baby’s kicks in the womb for the first time. This emotional connection is what makes the loss even more difficult. 

Statistics show that nearly one-third of couples divorce after the death of a child, and statistics are just the stories without the tears. Therefore, a second goal of this group is to strengthen your bond with your partner to ensure you both are supporting each other and growing closer together in the midst of the pain. 

*This group is designed for couples

**Recommended at any point after loss