For moms exploring their options

Abortion is a life-altering decision that will carry impacts throughout the rest of your life. Sometimes it feels like it is the only option or even the easiest option. It is not a decision to take lightly, as it is not something you can take back once it is done. Abortion is not your only choice. If you are considering abortion or can’t seem to figure out what your other choices are, this group is for you. This is a safe space to process through the uncertainties, fears, worries, and all the other overwhelming feelings that accompany an unexpected pregnancy, with a final goal of allowing you to come to your own decision so you can feel confident you are choosing the best option. This is a time sensitive choice that sometimes can be made impulsively, and this group will ensure you don’t have to live a life full of regret.

*This group is recommended as soon as possible after pregnancy is confirmed

**Designed as a safe space for the pregnant woman only