About This Group

Finding yourself pregnant after a recent loss - whether from miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant death - brings about many complicated emotions. Of course there is joy that comes with another chance to carry your very wanted baby. But with that joy comes the conflicting feelings of fear and anxiety - you want nothing more than for your baby to be safe and healthy. Then even the guilt creeps in - is it too soon to have another baby? Does this mean your other precious baby is forgotten? Will others think you are trying to replace your loss? Even though the opposite is true - this baby will carry the love you have and will always have for the child you lost - your feelings are valid and difficult to navigate through on top of all the other emotions that come with pregnancy. This group is designed to process through the crippling grief that comes with your loss alongside the excitement, joy, anxiety, fear and guilt that accompany the rainbow baby you are carrying.

*This group is designed for couples and recommended during second or third trimester